The Best Wedding Photo Locations at Crossed Keys Estate

December 19, 2022

Here at New Jersey wedding venue, Crossed Keys Estate, we take pride in creating the perfect wedding day for our couples that are filled with unforgettable moments and loving memories. In 20 years from now, whether it’s to show family or friends or maybe just reminisce together, you’ll remember the day by pulling out your wedding photos. With 20+ acres of picturesque grounds, there’s endless possibilities for photo locations. Romantic gardens, an open meadow, the famous tree-lined walkway, and the 40ft window of the Farmhouse that is always picture perfect. The historic property at Crossed Keys Estate is timeless, as will be your photos in any of these wedding photo locations that are favorites of both our staff and our couples.


The Garden

The 18th century English style garden is not only a romantic photo location but the backdrop of our outdoor wedding ceremonies. Take a stroll through the gardens or even cozy up on the bench for a private moment together.

Photo: Pat Robinson Photography

Photo: Lauren Allmond Photography

Groom kisses his groom on the cheek in the Garden

Photo: J+R Photo


The Reflecting Pond

The reflecting pond is a historic spot that continues to be a favorite for photos. This charming location will make you feel like you’re in your very own secret garden.

Photo: Vince Ha Photography


The Farmhouse Window

Whether you share a dance in front of the 40ft window, steal a moment alone before the reception, or make a grand entrance through the front doors… the Crossed Keys Estate Farmhouse is truly photogenic from every angle.

Photo: Myra Roman Photography

Photo: Michelle Behre Photography

Photo: Oceans to Mountains

Bride and Groom pose in front of Farmhouse window

Photo: Ryon Lockhart Photography


The Farmhouse Portico

Photo: Catalina Fragoso

bride and groom nestle

Photo: Tori Kelner


The Bar

Not just for grabbing a cocktail! The backsplash of the bar is both moody and romantic. Sneak over during the reception to share a drink and snap some fun shots.

Photo: Longbrook Photography


The Park

Tucked behind the Farmhouse, the park is quaint, quiet, and perfect for wedding portraits. The park features a walkway, a rustic bench, and a lovely weeping willow tree that’s a favorite of many.

Photo: J+R Photography

Photo: Cheyanna DeNicola Photography


The Playhouse

The Playhouse is typically where the Bride gets ready on the wedding day. But it has also been the perfect spot for first looks + portraits because of it’s beautiful natural light and rustic feel.

Photo: Forged in the North


The Swing

An iconic location at Crossed Keys Estate. The swing makes for the sweetest, playful photos!

Photo: Pat Robinson Photography

Photo: Graymoon Photography


The Walkway

The tree-lined walkway is picturesque in every sense of the word. We’ve seen this path be a favorite photo location for first looks + portraits for as long as we’ve been a wedding venue.

Photo: Danila + Lana

Bride needs at the end of a tree lined walkway

Photo: Tori Kelner


The Meadow

The grassy meadow is an open, flat area surrounded by greenery and a simple, wooden fence line. Located close to the ceremony, this spacious location is perfect for not only couples, but gathering family and friends for portraits as well.

Photo: Lev Kuperman Weddings

Photo: Natalia Wajda Photography


Weeping Beech Tree

At the top of the tree lined walkway, is the weeping beech tree. It’s natural shape acts like an umbrella over our couples making for the perfect romantic nook.

Bride and groom meet in front of weeping beech tree

Photo: Pat Furey

Photo: Longbrook Photography

Photo: J&R Photography


Hydrangea Garden

The stunning hydrangea garden sits at the back of the Farmhouse, amid the park. Although this is a seasonal garden, when in bloom, it becomes the most epic photo location.

Bride poses in front of hydrangea garden

Photo: Pat Furey

Photo: Hand + Arrow

In addition to these wedding photo locations, Crossed Keys Estate has so many beautiful places for portraits. Every year we look forward to seeing our couples’ wedding photos and how each couple makes these spots their own!



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