My Two Cents: Photography

August 25, 2017

There are SO MANY good photographers out there! Every time we meet a new one and see their awesome work, we can’t help but add them to our mental list of favs. I’ve recently received a lot of emails asking about wedding photography at Crossed Keys Estate. Now, I am no expert, but as my mother likes to say… just thought I’d share my two cents. Here are some tips when looking for a photographer:


1. Look for a unique perspective. With about 3,299 places to take photos on our grounds, we love seeing someone who has the ability to look at it all with fresh eyes. If you see a photo and think, “That’s cool!”, it’s probably because it’s different than the 100’s you’ve seen on Pinterest recently.

A shot from behind: Kamp Weddings

Behind the scenes: Lauren Allmond Photography

Into the woods: Mary + Roy Creative Studio

Falling in love: Pat Furey Photography


2. Do they capture close-ups and wide shots equally well? You want to remember every smile as well as every setting at your wedding. Choose a photographer who is great a capturing both.

Lauren Allmond Photography


3. Think about what kind of style you want. When looking at photos I always notice if the style seems more airy and light, or more dramatic and dark with harder lines. My preference is the darker style as I like a little sharper look. This is totally personal preference but I recommend keeping this in mind when looking for a photographer.

Longbrook Photography 


4. Don’t just ask for availability & pricing. Ask them to describe what they think makes them good, different, easy to work with [insert your question here]. Liking their work is important, but liking the person you choose goes a long way as it makes the whole process easier and fun!

5. Do your some soul-searching and just a little research. Something I didn’t do (that I try to tell all of our clients now) was take a look around the interwebs and determine what types of pictures might be important to me. Do I want individuals with all my closest fam? Do I really need individuals with every bridal party member? Do I want my photographer to focus on family? Dancing? Just us? My whole goal for the wedding was FUN FUN FUN, so I didn’t give much thought to which pictures I might regret not taking later. Your photographer doesn’t know exactly what you want unless you tell them. So make a quick list of important places, people, and things and try your best to make it work with your day-of schedule.

Standing or sitting during toasts? Julia Elizabeth Photography


Secret flash mob? Let your photog know! Christina Lilly Photography


Formal sparkler sendoff, or fun pic with your friends? Brae Howard Photography


Prefer candids over posed photos? Lovesick Inc.


A first look with Dad? Lauren Allmond Photography


Something special for a thank you card? Pat Furey Photography


Cake cutting pics or nah? Longbrook Photography


We know what an investment your wedding is both financially and emotionally, so put in that little bit of extra work to make sure the photographer you love is the right photographer for you and your big day. You’ll thank me later 🙂


Happy Planning,