What Makes Crossed Keys So Special

March 19, 2014

Planning for a wedding is no easy task. For many brides-to-be, they have been imagining this day their entire life; however, all the imagining in the world can’t prepare you for how overwhelming it can be to make that first big decision… Where will all the magic happen?

Will it be in a ballroom, hotel, converted factory, barn or tent? It is becoming increasingly popular to veer away from the norm and to make unconventional, personal spaces the venue for your big day. We’re of course a bit biased… We just LOVE an outdoor tented wedding!  But what makes them so special???

An Incomparable View

What could be better than pledging a lifetime of love in lush meadows with the backdrop of romantic wildflower gardens? The surrounding nature and landscape can make the day even more magical and memorable, transporting your guests to a different time and place.

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A Picture Perfect Backdrop

While you could spend months or even years planning the details of your day, the photos of your day are one of the few things you will have to hold on to for the rest of your life. Couples who get married in picturesque outdoor settings have one less thing to worry about right off the bat! Not only will your pictures be incredible, but each part of your event will be memorable to both you and your guests, marked with the unique natural beauty that surrounds. This can also have the added perk of saving you money on floral decor!

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It’s All About You!

One of the best parts of an outdoor wedding is the freedom they offer! You are given a blank canvas to create your picture perfect day! This lets you really get involved in your special day, allowing you to customize every detail to your unique tastes and style, and bring your personal touch to your day that your guests will love and remember forever! This is especially helpful to those fervently pinning brides-to-be! With an outdoor wedding, tons of freedom, and creativity, all of your wildest Pinterest dreams can come true!

The Entertainment Possibilities Are Endless

When having an indoor wedding, your entertainment possibilities become somewhat limited – especially for the guys! You sit…. or… you dance… Being outdoors can bring so much more to your wedding. Your dance floor is no longer confined, there are lawn games for guests to loosen up and have some fun, a fire pit with a s’more bar and cigars and bourbon for the gentlemen. The options are endless and your guests can do as they please, roaming the grounds for a private moment or shared moments with old and new friends alike!

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Casual or Formal, It’s Completely Up to YOU! 

Do you envision a black tie event or garden casual wedding? An outdoor wedding reception can be extremely casual, formal, or anywhere in between. Like with all areas of your wedding, it is unique to you and you are in charge of making the final decision in what you want for your day!!

Your day should be all about you, fulfilling the gorgeous daydreams you have floating around your mind, throwing a great party for your loved ones and celebrating your love in a beautiful setting that will be captured forever! That’s exactly what an outdoor wedding offers and so much more!  No matter where you get married, keep this in mind…