July 17th: A Moment All Their Own

July 20, 2010

Photography by J Marie

Little did they know, that as guests at a wedding in Mexico, Susan and Mike would meet each other and find true love. About a year later, they would celebrate their own one-of-a-kind wedding at Crossed Keys Inn on July 17th. The weather was gorgeous, and the greens of the garden went perfectly with the shades of green Susan chose as her colors. A very detailed bride, Susan knew the importance of the little things and all of the unique additions are what made this wedding so perfect. From her grandmother and great-grandmother’s jewlery adorning her bouquet, to the antique handkerchiefs presented to guests at the ceremony, the bride’s flair for creative features set this wedding apart. The flowers were simple, sweet, and wild with thistles, hydrangea, boxwood, and queen anne’s lace being just some of the many wild flora used in the centerpieces. Chocolate cupcakes with coconut topped cream cheese icing were a lovely addition as well, acting as a focal point of design as well as a delicious dessert. The bride took every measure to make the details as personal as possible with touches of Mike’s love of hockey and the brides love of natural beauty, touches that created an ambiance all their own.