June 13th and 14th: Snapshots, Smores, and Cigars

June 16, 2010

The theme this weekend was fun! Both weddings had beautiful, understated flowers that looked like they were fresh picked from the garden. Picking one color and adding white to it was a big hit this weekend with one bride choosing yellows and the other choosing greens. A great tip for your wedding is keeping your colors to a minimum so you can play them up without overwhleming your guests. Both weddings also featured a bride and groom’s pick for the drinks which was a very unique touch. Whether it’s a fun cocktail or your favorite wine, a signature drink is a sure way to give your wedding a more personalized feel.



One of the best parts about the weddings this weekend were the unique activities offered to the guests. Saturday’s wedding provided cigars and smores around the fire pit while Sunday’s had a great photo booth where guests could take their own fun pictures! Everyone had a blast!






This weekend wasn’t all fun and games though as we had a terrential downpour come on us around 1:00 in the afternoon right before the ceremony! Luckily we were prepared and we set up a beautiful ceremony area underneath the tent with a decorated chuppah and everything. Thankfully, mother nature gave us all a break (especially the lovely bride!) and the rain stopped right before the ceremony started. It was a great wedding and a weekend full of happiness and fun!