Crossed Keys Inn

June 9, 2010

Walking down the aisle behind purple lilac trees, over white rose petals, towards a beautiful English garden. Dancing under a tent draped in billowy ivory fabric, twinkling lights like stars over family and friends, fresh flowers decorating the cake, the sun setting in the background. Saying goodbye to guests as they walk up the path between 100 year old oak trees, spending time after the reception at a private gathering with the bridal party, and finally, ending the night in a secluded stone cottage overlooking the garden where the cermony took place that same day.

These are just some of the aspects of Crossed Keys Inn that make it the perfect setting for your perfect wedding. As I sit here and begin this blog, I glance out the window and see a mother and baby deer that have been visiting us in the meadow lately. It is the natural beauty of this place that can only be grasped upon visiting. After living in the city of Richmond for the past five years, coming to work at Crossed Keys Inn on a daily basis is a calming and tranquil experience. Taking a walk on the grounds never ceases to amaze me. The magical effect this location has on its guests, is the reason we are honored and so grateful that we are able to share it with so many on their most special day.

As I continue this blog throughout the wedding season, I will detail the events going on here at Crossed Keys, and give some unique wedding day ideas that we have helped come to life. Please visit our website,, for more details about our services.